6.Dr Tim and Contemporary Chinese Fashion Designers

According to the lecture from Dr Tim Lindgren about contemporary Chinese fashion designers, I gain many new perspectives about fashion in Chinese context.

Firstly, he introduced a global fashion company named Li & Fung, which’s headquarter is in Hong Kong. Li & Fung runs multiple businesses, such as furniture, beauty products, accessories and clothing.

Secondly, he introduced the designer named Huishan Zhang, who was born in Qingdao, and moved overseas at 17 years old. In 2013, he got the Dorchester collective fashion prize. Thirdly, he talked about Qiu Hao, who likes structure of Chinese traditional tailoring. I thought that he is an instinctive artist, by his serpentine collection. In addition, he discussed another fashion designer Ying Gao, who is a Montreal based fashion designer and university professor. Ying Gao is an interesting designer that created robotic dresses.

Finally, Dr Tim Lindgren presented a Chinese fashion designer Ma Ke, who designs the dresses especially for the Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan. In conclusion, Dr Tim Lindgren contends that some Chinese fashion designers will become international fashion designers, because they accepted global aesthetic judgment.

At the same time, more and more young designers are back to China and contribute in the Chinese fashion industry. And their performances in Shanghai fashion week draw attention of the world in the market of China.

This lecture increases my confidence on my future career in the fashion industry and inspired me to shift the focus on the Asian market, especially Chinese market, which wills the trend of the future.




Ma Ke, One of China’s most Successful Designers




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